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Published: 30th November 2011
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VN Photography is one of the leading wedding photographers in the UK. A name synonymous with quality and trust in wedding photography in London, UK- the company is committed towards providing creative wedding photography solutions. Apart from creating unforgettable videos, VN Photography is known for creating outstanding photo albums for its valued clients. One of the top wedding photographers in London, Vishal Nishchal the company owner is dedicated towards providing photography solutions and services for all weddings or marriage ceremonies, be it of any caste or religion.

About Vishal - the name behind VN Photography

His passion and a keen eye for details of photography have enabled him to take up photography as a career. An advance course in Fashion Photography from one of India's premier institutes and arduous professional training under distinguished fashion photographers has given Vishal the edge to launch his own photo studio at a very young age.

A short stint with top fashion magazines has given him the recognition in the form of several titles and awards. With his imaginative coverage and steady performance in capturing wedding ceremonies has propelled him to the position of Top Wedding Photographer in London, UK.

A thorough understanding of traditional Asian weddings and the specific requirement of clients ensures that clear memories of the most important moments of your life and timeless love are preserved in the form of photos long after the sacrosanct vows are exchanged.

Importance of Wedding

The importance of wedding or marriage and its significance has changed with time. However, for most people marriage is a commitment that, once entered into, cannot be broken up or dissolved. Whatever significance marriage carries for people, wedding time is an occasion of festivity and celebration. The wedding ceremony especially Asian wedding is a display of regal splendor. In addition, wedding is a time that marks the eternal bonding of the two persons along with the bonding and connecting of family members. Hence, these moments are worth the capture in cameras so that they can be cherished forever.

Wedding planning

Wedding planning of Asians in the UK is an elaborate and decorative affair and the effort of a number of creative professionals is involved in the wedding. A competent caterer, an efficient and innovative decorator, a professional florist, a trusted family jeweler, the ideal venue, the imaginative and creative invitations, the omnipresent photographer all come in the ambit of wedding planning in London, UK. One of the most challenging tasks is choosing the right photographer to capture every wedding moment and mood as there are no retakes in wedding ceremony.

Top wedding photographer selection

All set for one such wedding moment and need a photographer who can capture spontaneously all the anticipated moments- just search for top Wedding Photographers in London, UK. As soon as you have short-listed some of the top wedding photographers in UK, contact them and have a look at their portfolios to ensure quality and professionalism. Undoubtedly, your pick would be VN Photography at London, UK because you deserve the best.

Vishal Nischal is an ace Asian wedding photographer and photojournalist in London, whose work is widely appreciated not just in London and India but also in South Africa, Dubai, Mauritius etc. He has the deep understanding of South Indian Weddings and the requirements of the clients. Vishal Nischal is a successfully and brightly emerging name among the most skilled Wedding Photographers UK as well as amidst the Fashion Photographers London. For more information visit:

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