Know Thyself and Take a Step towards Self Improvement

Published: 27th January 2012
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To obtain a life of complete contentment and eternal bliss you need to be totally healthy in four major areas: physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually. Getting spiritual help to identify what is deep inside of you or to know thyself is essential to your overall health and this will help get you onto the right track of self improvement and to living the fullest life ever possible.

Knowing yourself and loving yourself is not some conceptual term to improve your ego or help you feel great about yourself. It is a state of mind that has to come after knowing your inner self -from deep within. It is related to your internal peace, self improvement or development and spiritual awareness.

Genuinely inner peace and happiness is not about any materialistic desires or financial gains. It is also not being vain or absolutely superficial and being conscious of how you look or appear on the outside. In addition, it is not about being totally self-centered and spending time in your own selfish pursuits without thinking of the welfare of others.

Spiritual wellness which actually gives you inner peace and bliss on a spiritual level is a simple unselfish feeling that comes from deep within. It is obtained after knowing yourself perfectly- the way you are right now Know thyself with faults and strengths and then trying to take the step towards self improvement and spiritual development or spiritual growth. Self awareness comes from the realization that you have a special role to play in the evolution of life - that you have a spiritual purpose in life. And you need to accept life and its challenges as it unfolds day-by-day.

It is only through knowing yourself better and loving yourself at a deep level that you can sincerely love others. This is beneficial in so many ways, but the main benefit of self awareness and self knowledge is that you can help others without any judgment or any kind of negativity and therefore can have much more contentment in your life because you can look at others in a new positive and improved way.

Through the technique of self awareness (know thyself), you can understand yourself and love yourself. This awareness of inner self not only helps to accept that you are perfect just the way you are, but also accept and love people the way they are right now - at whatever stage of life they are at. This deep knowledge of self and others is an essential part of obtaining a life of overall health and spiritual wellness with inner bliss and total contentment in life.

Life can be genuinely wonderful, even though you are going through some of the toughest times in life. Life can also be truly terrible even when you are going through some of the most wonderful times in life. The choice you make in life and your attitude towards it will decide how horrible or wonderful your life is. Nevertheless, to make life truly wonderful the first step starts with self awareness (Know thyself) and then endeavor towards self improvement following a spiritual path towards Spiritual Growth.

Spirituality: As Gian Kumar in his book Know Thyself says peace is the innate quality of mind. To acquire it one need not go anywhere. As gold or silver are hidden under the earth, peace and joy lie hidden in the mind and soul. For more information visit:

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